25 Aug 2011

Twitter Analytics in QlikView

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Social Media BI and Social Media Analytics are hot trends in the BI industry. As Microstrategy, IBM, SAP and other BI Vendors are investing in social media analytics it is a good time to show the possibilities with QlikView. It has been pretty quiet from QlikTech’s site in the social media analytics sphere so this is a great opportunity to showcase the possibilities developed by QlikTech partners. In the first blog post of this series “Twitter Analytics in QlikView” I will introduce you to Twitter and Twitter Analytics. I will start from the beginning by helping you set-up a Twitter account and learn some of the Twitter basics, before moving to the second part of this series called “Twitter Analytics – Finding Top Influencers”. Here we will introduce you to Twitter Analytics by showing how to find the top influencers in an industry and measure two important social media KPI’s: the number of brand “Promoters” and “Detractors”. If you would like to run the examples in this post with your own company or client’s data, simply download the Twitter Analytics Dashboard and follow the instructions on the QVSource Wiki. Make sure to download and run the latest version of QVSource before reloading the Twitter Analytics Dashboard.

Twitter is a great way to promote your brand, share thoughts and keep updated about the latest trends and insights in the BI industry. It can be a valuable source of traffic for your site and a good way of getting in touch with other Qlikview Professionals. The goal of this series is to show how easy it is to get started with Twitter analytics in QlikView, by providing easy to follow steps. After reading this series you should be well on your way of becoming a true Twitter BI expert.

Part 1 - Introduction to Twitter for QlikView
Part 2 - Twitter Analytics in QlikView – Finding Top Influencers

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